Jiu Jitsu

Welcome to GirouxBJJ.com where we specialize in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamentals.  You probably found my site because you are looking for lessons in a martial art, self defense, or fitness.  Well you’ve come to the right place.  And what Macarra BJJ GLASTONBURY CTyou get here is more than fighting skills.  You’ll strengthen your confidence, improve your fitness, feel better and less stressed, and make some good friends.

My name is Jeff and am the big toe at GB Martial Arts located at 160 Oak Street, Unit 210, Glastonbury, CT. I teach men and women Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense skills (for more info on standup check out my page on Self Defense).  My students are largely from the greater Hartford and Manchester areas and enjoy learning and training in a safe and structured way.

What are other people saying about GB Martial Arts?

This site has all sorts of information.  But if you want to hear from men and women who are taking classes now then watch this short clip.  And afterwards give me a call so we can go over your questions.  860.633.1466

How are we different from other Jiu Jitsu academies?

– I hold multiple black belts in several styles and hv been a martial artist since 1983.  I bring my experiences as a student, competitor, and coach to this program.  When you learn functional stand-up self defense I am drawing on my exposure to many arts and legendary teachers.  Think of it as a “hybrid” approach to training.  Lets take out the stuff that doesn’t work well and focus on the good stuff.  At this academy you have the opportunity to earn a GBMA black belt in hybrid martial arts as well as your BJJ belts under Mr Wolfson.

– We are the Glastonbury affiliate school of  Gracie Sports USA under Marcio Stambowsky and Brad Wolfson.  Brad is a black belt under Master Stambowsky and has his studio, SoulcraftBJJ in Hamden.  Master Stambowsky holds a Coral Belt in BJJ and operates Gracie Sports USA (headquarters) in Norwalk.  We are very lucky to train directly under such great instructors and have local access to each others’ classes.  In Glastonbury we shoot to host Brad once every month and Marcio periodically throughout the year.  Students at all locations enjoy an “open door” policy and can attend any class at any studio – Glastonbury, Hamden, Norwalk, or any other affiliated location.

– Our focus is on the fundamentals.  Building functional (not fancy) self defense skills, physical fitness, and making great friends on the mat.   Are you looking for a way to get in shape but hate the monotony of the gym?  We have you covered!  While you learn this a totally unique martial art you will build lean muscle, lose fat, boost your cardio, and get back flexibility.

– We are not a big competition school.  Our intensity level is a notch down from academies that solely focus on tournaments.  We train hard and rolling gets competitive with the right partner…but we let go of the worry about the scorecard in lieu of working whatever it is we are trying to improve.

What can you expect when you start?

– Expect fun and challenging classes!  You will meet other like-minded students who are looking to help you improve.  And I am always available after class for a few minutes of private follow up on material.  Just let me know that you need some extra help and we can cover whatever you need.

–  This is an academy where you will feel welcomed.  Not intimidated.  We have a helpful mat culture.  We are NOT an MMA gym.  We are NOT a huge  school where you are just a number.  We do NOT requires signing a contract that binds you to payments even if you can not continue to train.  Come on down and check it out…you won’t be disappointed.

– My program is for adult men and women of all ages.  No experience is needed.  The only requirements are an open mind & and a commitment to being a good training partner.  Students are expected to attend training regularly in order to advance. Get in great shape and learn self-defense skills that could save your life!  A typical workout involves warm-up, positional drills, the lesson of the class, and drilling and/or sparring w/ partners.

– ALL students train with a resisting partner from day 1 in BJJ class.  Resistance starts low and increases as the student progresses.  Drilling is stage 1 and free sparring starts once you have earned your first white belt stripe.  At that stage you will have drilled positional controls, escapes, & submissions.  Safety is priority #1…why slam each other around if you don’t know the techniques.  That type of training tends to build bad habits.  We have you learn the basics and then use them live!

Common Questions about Jiu Jitsu

Q.  How do I start?  Call or email and lets go over all your questions.  Then come down and take a FREE introductory class with me.  After this class you will have a taste of what training is like.  Then come on back and try out 1 week of training for free with no obligation.  After your trial period you are welcomed to take a membership and start your journey.

Q.  What do I need?  You will get a free training uniform (gi) with membership sign-up. Until you receive your gi you can use a loaner jacket/belt.  Other equipment recommended but optional are fitted sports mouthguard, wrestling headgear, and athletic cup for men.

Q.  Can women benefit from BJJ?  Yes.  BJJ is a martial art that relies on timing, leverage, and technique.  Women or men who are smaller than an opponent benefit the most from BJJ as an “equalizer” form of martial art.

Q.  What are some other great schools worth checking out?  Here are the other Gracie Sports locations in CT and my brother Steve’s karate school in MA.

Steve Giroux Martial Arts (kids only programs)

Gracie Sports, Norwalk, CT –  Professor Marcio Stambowsky

Gracie Sports, Hamden, CT – Soulcraft BJJ, Brad Wolfson

Gracie Sports, Norwich – Charlie McShane

Gracie Sports, Colchester – Josh Hesser